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We pack the dance floor!

April        2015

Friday                        3rd                Second Wind Santee

Saturday                   4th                     Downtown Cafe

Friday                       10th                         Night Off

Saturday                  11th                       The Kraken

Friday                      17th                        Navajo Live

Saturday                  18th                          Night Off

Friday                       24th               Second Wind Santee

Saturday                  25th                   Poway's Irish Pub

June 2015                        

Saturday                13th                     BNS Brewery

Friday                     19th                      The Kraken
Saturday                20th                     Nicky Rottens

Friday                     26th                  Poway's Irish Pub

Saturday                27th                      Navajo Live

Club Info

Downtown Café   is located at 182 East Main Street, El Cajon, CA 92020 

(619) 440-5687,Between WD Hall Dr/Claydelle Ave and Ballantyne St/Avocado Ave. We play 7pm-11pm.

Poway's Irish Pub  is located at 13314 Poway Road, Poway, CA 92064 (858) 486-0764, near the intersection of Poway Rd. & Community Rd.(on the north side of Poway Rd.)   

Pal Joeys  is located at 5147 Waring Road, San Diego, California (619) 582-6699,   in the strip mall.

Nicky Rottens Bar & Burger Joint is located at 3773 Willow Glen Drive, El Cajon, California 92101 (619) 440-4204  We play 7 - 11pm. 

Navajo Live  is located at: 8515 Navajo Road, San Diego, California 92119 (619) 465-1730   Albertson's Plaza at Navajo and Lake Murray

Second Wind Santee is located at:  8528 Magnolia Avenue, Santee, California 92071  (619) 596-8350   Prospect and Magnolia    

The Kraken  is located at: 2531 S Hwy 101 in Cardiff by the Sea, California  92007 (760) 436-6483  Exit the I-5 on Birmingham and go towards the coast.

Dirk's Niteclub  is located at: 7662 Broadway in Lemon Grove, California 619 469-6344  Exit the 94 freeway at Massachusettsand go left on Broadway, DIRK'S is on the left side.

BNS Brewing & Distilling Co.  is located at10960 Wheatlands Ave #101
Santee, CA 92071
(619) 956-0952    We play 7pm - 10:30pm. 

Tio Leo's   is located at the corner of Morena Blvd. & Napa in San Diego, CA (619) 542-1462   Just south of where Morena & West Morena Blvd meet.(Carl's Jr. is across the street) They have the best Mexican Food in San Diego!!!

Cheers Bar & Grill  is located at: 9995 Carmel Mtn. Road (858) 484-4215      in the Smiths Center. They Have a Barbeque Pit right inside the bar where you can cook your choice of Burger, Steaks, Chicken, Fish just the way you like it & comes with all the Fixings!! 

July 2015

Friday & Saturday  3rd & 4th             Weekend Off

Friday                       10th              Second Wind Santee

Saturday                  11th                     Mark vacation

Friday                       17th                   Dirk's Niteclub

Saturday                  18th                    Nicky Rottens

Friday                       24th                       Pal Joey's

Saturday                   25th               Cheers Bar & Grill

March       2015

Friday                       6th              Second Wind Santee

Saturday                  7th                    Nicky Rottens

Friday                     13th                     The Kraken

Saturday                 14th                       Tio Leo's

Friday                     20th                    Dirks Niteclub

Saturday                 21st                      A Night Off

Friday                     27th                       Pal Joey's

Saturday                 28th               Second Wind Santee

May      2015

Friday & Saturday  1st & 2nd            Weekend Off

Friday                           8th                  Dirks Niteclub

Saturday                       9th                     Tio Leo's

Friday                           15th         Second Wind Santee

Saturday                      16th                  Navajo Live

Friday                           22nd        Second Wind Santee

Saturday                     23rd                   Night Off  

Friday                           29th                   Pal Joeys

Saturday                      30th                  The Kraken

August 2015

Saturday                  1st                    The Kraken

Friday                       7th                Poway's Irish Pub

Saturday                  8th            Second Wind Santee

Saturday                  15th               Nicky Rottens

Saturday                  22nd                  Night Off

Friday                       28th          Second Wind Santee

September 2015

Friday                         11th                       The Kraken

Saturday                    19th                  Cheers Bar & Grill